Aunt Winnie's

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    I started my company after being a stay at home Mom for many years. My entrepreneur spirit flared up and thus began cookie sales. The name of my company came about from the time I spent with my nieces and nephews making and baking treats every time they came to visit. I receive a ton of confidence from my husband David and the friends he works with for inspiring and buying my cookies in the very beginning.


    My Mother Schatze, my aunts, my cousins, and my brothers and sister have helped me along the way with the big projects I take on. My Mom has scooped thousands of cookies for me over the last couple of years.


    I have made cookies individually wrapped with logo stickers for a car dealership. I have made party trays of cookies and pies for companies to deliver to their customers for holidays or as good will gifts. Craft fairs deliver the most fun meeting new people, fellow vendors, and sometimes a few pets. My pies remind me the most of my Oma Syring.


    My cakes rely on my mother for guidance. Brownies I have been making and selling since I was eleven. I pick up a new treat here and there to add to the lineup. I am always up for a new challenge and that is why Aunt Winnie’s always takes special requests.

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